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What type of Virtual Assistance do you provide?

We offer a wide range of services that are best suited to accommodate the business needs of mental health practitioners and other wellness professionals.

Am I provided with my own personal Virtual Assistant?

Yes. We will match you with a virtual assistant that best fits your business process and work ethic, providing a match capable of working in tandem with your daily tasks. 

How are MHLynk Virtual Assistants qualified?

All of our Virtual Assistants are carefully selected based on their experience, their reliability, their work ethic, and various other factors that we feel establish a strong team. 


As part of this process, each Virtual Assistant completes a comprehensive training program that prepares them specifically for the work they will take on with MHLynk.

Do MHLynk Virtual Assistants have experience in corporate settings?

All our virtual assistants have previous experience in various corporate environments, allowing us a wide range of skillsets to utilize for many tasks. 

Still need answers?

We are happy to help!

How do I begin getting help with my business?

Click on the button below to fill out a quick informational form. We will reach out to you soon after to discuss your business needs and budget. We will then give you a cost estimate. We are flexible, so you will have many different service and payment options to choose from.

What modes of communication are available for my Virtual Assistant?

Our virtual assistants are able to accommodate all manners of communication and networking necessary to complete their tasks efficiently and accurately.

What is your fee structure?

MHLynk offers you many payment options. You can choose the fee structure that best fits your needs. We offer hourly rates as well as monthly retainer options. The fee you pay will depend on what type of work you need completed, so please contact us to get a free quote.

How does MHLynk protect my information and the information of my clients?

All MHLynk Virtual Assistants complete HIPAA Compliance Training and are required to sign Business Associate Agreements before beginning any work with MHLynk. This is a legally binding agreement that ensures the security of every piece of information that is handled by our Virtual Assistants. 

In addition, MHLynk has similar legally binding agreements with every program and database we use to complete work for our clients. 

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